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“The time to reinvent classical music is now. Never has its soul been more needed; the raw emotions, the strong stories, its deep connections. From these strengths we can build new perspectives - and give the classical music world itself a perspective at the same time." EA

"Gabriel Prokofiev, Etienne Abelin and Francesco Tristano - icons of new times in classical music." Viva Musica Magazine, Brazil

Article In South Korean magazine

Conducting the Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra and the Youth Orchestra of Caracas at Teatro Alla Scala Milano

Etienne Abelin at TEDxAmsterdam: "Connecting to music with your eyes"

Fall 2017/2018 concerts



September 29: Bachspace CD-Release concert @ Gare du Nord Basel (Switzerland)

December 7: Conducting University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra (USA)

December 11: Nik Bärtsch's Mobile Extended @ EXIL Zurich

December 16: Nik Bärtsch's Mobile Extended @ Elbphilharmonie Hamburg (Germany)



January 11: Bachspace @ Schloss Elmau (Germany)

January 20: Bachspace @ Bludenz (Austria)

January 21: With Tamar Halperin, piano and Music:Eyes @ Rivolimusica (Italy)

Januar 26: Panel at Rc4 Festival @ Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

February 23: Conducting and presenting Beethoven 101 @ Univ. of Delaware (USA)

March 16: Conducting University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra (USA)

March 18: Music:Eyes @ Tonhalle Zürich (Switzerland)

March 29: Africa Express "In C Mali" @ Brussels (Belgium)

April 7-10: 3rd Apples&Olives Indie Classical Festival Zurich (Switzerland)

April 16: Bachspace @ Bayerischer Rundfunk Munich (Germany)

May 5: Conducting Ithaca College Chamber Orchestra @ Ithaca, NY (USA)

May 6: Music:Eyes with Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, dir. Benjamin Zander (USA)

May 18 - 24: 2nd Classical Beat Festival @ Lübeck (Germany)

May 24, 29: Music:Eyes @ Zürcher Kammerorchester (Switzerland

May 28: Conducting University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra (USA)

May 29 - June 11: Conducting Univ. of Delaware Symphony Orchestra on China Tour (Beijing, Xian, Wuxi, Shanghai)

June 13: Bachspace @ Mozartfest Würzburg (Germany)

June 25: Conducting Szolnok Symphony Orchestra @ Budapest (Hungary)

June 26: Press conference @ Beethovenfest Bonn (Germany)

June 30: Conducting Camerata Antonio Soler @ San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Spain)

July 20: "Music for Social Change" Panel @ European Union Youth Orchestra, Grafenegg (Austria)

August 10-12: Conducting Lviv Philharmonic (Ukraine)

August 26: 5th Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra @ Southbank Centre London (England)

August 27: 5th Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra @ Birmingham Symphony Hall (England)

September 15: Conducting SymFusion @ Beethovenfest Bonn (Germany)

September 27 - 29: Bachspace with Andreas Scholl (Countertenor) @ Niedersächsische Kulturtage (Germany)

October 14: University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra (USA)

December 7: Music:Eyes @ Musikkollegium Winterthur (Switzerland)



Winter 2016/2017 concerts



November 7: Music:Eyes with Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, dir. Benjamin Zander (USA)

November 9: Nik Bärtsch's Mobile Extended @ Novembermusic S'Hertogenbosch (Holland)



January 20: Nik Bärtsch's Mobile Extended @ Flagey Brussels (Belgium)

February 2: Conducting Filharmonie Hradec Kralové (Czech Republic)

March 5: bachSpace XXL with Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin (Arr. Jherek Bischoff) @ Drive, Neue Meister Berlin

March 26: Music:Eyes with Basel Sinfonietta & Gymnasium Bäumlihof Education Project, Gare du Nord Basel

April 3: Teaching at Music Education Academy of Philharmonie Luxembourg

April 13: Presenting Music:Eyes at Karajan Music Tech Conference Salzburg

April 14: Nik Bärtsch's Mobile Extended @ Stuttgart (Germany)

April 21, 22: bachSpace @ Thüringer Bachwochen (Germany)

May 19: Conducting Ruse Phiharmonic (Bulgaria)

May 26: Nik Bärtsch's Mobile Extended @ Dudelange (Luxembourg)

May 28 - June 4: Artistic Direction, Classical Beat Festival Eutin/Lübeck (Germany)

June 2: Conducting the Classical Beat Ensemble with Francesco Tristano (piano) @ Classical Beat Festival

June 10: Music:Eyes @ Konzert Theater Bern with 6 schools, education project

July 7: Ynight @ Musikkollegium Winterthur, feat. Annakin

July 9: Ynight @ Musikkollegium Winterthur, feat. Marena Whitcher

July 14: bachSpace @ Montreux Jazz Festival

July 20 - August 2: Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra (SEYO) 2017 in Athens (Greece)

August 1: Final SEYO performance at Hellenic Festival at Odeon of Herodes Atticus (Athens, Greece)




Winter 2015/Autumn 2016 concerts



November 26: bachSpace Wiesbaden

December 3: Pleven Philharmonic Orchestra, dir. Etienne Abelin (Beethoven Egmont Ouv., Mozart Clarinet Concerto, Beethoven Symphony no. 4)

December 11: Ynight Salzhaus Winterthur with Musikkollegium Winterthur



January 10: New Year's Concert in Langnau, Soloist: Rafael Rosenfeld, Cello, dir./soloist Etienne Abelin (Beethoven Egmont Ouv., Beethoven Romanze in F-Dur, Dvorak Cello Concerto)

January 24: Basel Sinfonietta, Live Performance Music Animation Machine

February 25: Musikkollegium Winterthur, Live Performance Music Animation Machine

March 2-4: 2nd Apples & Olives Festival Zurich

March 15: Yellow Lounge Berghain Berlin, with Nik Bärtsch's Mobile Extended

April 2, 3: Theater Basel, Romeo & Julia

April 6: Neumünster Zürich, CD-Release Nik Bärtsch's Mobile Extended

April 15: Conducting Zuger Sinfonietta & Francesco Tristano in "Bach, Strings & Electronics"

April 21: Teaching at Music Education Academy of Philharmonie Luxembourg

May 25 - 28: Classical:NEXT in Rotterdam - Kick-off of international Indie Classical Network

July 2: LSO St. Luke's London in Nils Frahm's "Possibly Colliding" Barbican Hall Festival  with Nik Bärtsch's Mobile Extended

October 6/7/8: Conducting Basel Sinfonietta in "Oh Albert" by Elia Rediger (The Bianca Story), William Brittelle (NewAmsterdam Records) and Gregor Brändli (Film) -

October 9: Bach&Pärt with Music Visualizations in Haus Konstruktiv Zürich

October 10: Nik Bärtsch's Mobile EXTENDED at Exil Club Zurich

October 11: Nik Bärtsch's Mobile EXTENDED in Budapest



Winter 2014/ Summer2015 performances & more:



November 26: Nonclassical Global Streaming Event

November 28: BUMA Classical Convention, bachSpace Bach&Electronics

December 13/14: A. Vivaldi "Winter" with NOB Basel

December 18/19: Christmas Oratorio Unwrapped, Burghof Lörrach



January 11 2015: Conducting R. Strauss Oboe Concerto, Langnau

January 16-20: Performance&Workshop Buenos Aires, Argentina

January 23: Music Animation Machine Live at Rc4 Festival Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, also featuring: Francesco Tristano

Gabriel Prokofiev, Brandt Brauer Frick, Joan Marti  (Trailerclip)

January 25 - 31: Performance&Workshops in Caracas, Venezuela

February 11 - 12: Teaching at Music Education Academy Luxembourg 

March 20: bachSpace in Gare du Nord, Basel

April 19 - May 3: Music Animation Machine Live with Huh Piano Trio in South Korea

May 15 - 17: Soundpainting Workshop, Sistema Croatia, Zagreb


May 22: Hosting Panel "Music After Midnight - Do's and Don'ts for Classical Music in Alternative Venues" (with

Felix Mesenburg of Yellow Lounge, Gabriel Prokofiev of Nonclassical, Brendan Walsh of Classical Music Rave, George Kentros of SEKT Sweden)


June 15-21: Side-By-Side Sistema Sweden

August 9-20: Lucerne Festival Orchestra, dir. A. Nelsons, B. Haitink

August 21 - 30: Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra, Milano, La Scala

November 2 - 15: Lucerne Festival Orchestra, dir. A. Nelsons Tour

Autumn 2014 performances & more:



August 15-22: Co-Artistic Direction of Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra in Istanbul

August 29-31: Tutoring upper strings and leading tutti rehearsals with Junge Deutsche Philharmonie in Zermatt in preparation of program with Sir Neville Marriner

September 1: MAM on semi-transparent screen at TONALI competition Hamburg

September 9: Bachfest Stuttgart - bachSpace

September 18: Ynight feat. Andreas Scholl & Fabian Russ @ KlangBasel 

September 26: Nachtkonzert Alte Oper Frankfurt with the Minguet Quartet and MAM

October 9: Jury "Junge Ohren Prize" Berlin

October 31: Nik Bärtsch's Mobile Plus in Mannheim

November 1: Panel hosting of Side-by-Side Tonhalle Zurich, Youth Orchestra of Caracas, MKZ Zürich, Superar Suisse

November 7: Ynight Liestal

November 8-9: Jury classical:NEXT conference Berlin 



Great Review of Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra Concert in Istanbul


Music Animation Machine live at TONALI Hamburg, for the first time projected on semi-transparent screen


bachSpace has a new website, a new trailer clip and some tracks on Soundcloud!


"Listen With Your Eyes" is the name of the evening that I curated and hosted on July 12 in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam, together with the wonderful Tamar Halperin, Tomek Kolczynski, Anita Leuzinger and Jonas Mettler of Aaawesome Colors. Of course with the Music Animation Machine - but not only...


The first Swiss indie classical Festival "Apples&Olives" was a great success! From May 21 - 24, artists such as Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond), Sarah Neufeld (Arcade Fire), Elia Rediger (The bianca Story), Michi Wianko, Dawn of Midi, Nik Bärtsch's Mobile EXTENDED, Yband Zurich, Jannik Giger, NOW Ensemble and many more. Here are concert and panel discussion videos and check the website. Next edition 2015...


Current Projects

Live Performances of Music Animation Machine

Quick Facts:

  • more information here

  • visualizations of classical music: a GPS for music

  • > 120 Million Views on Youtubechannel "smalin"

  • inventor: pianist and software developer Stephen Malinowski

  • MAM has been used by pop singer Björk, the Wagner Files App a.o.

  • Live performances: TEDx events, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Alte Oper Frankfurt (antic. 2014), Morelia Festival Mexico, Festival Van Vlaanderen Gent Belgium, Nürnberger Symphoniker, Sounds of Childhood Festival Israel a.o.

  • I am responsible for live performances of MAM - with the synchronator tool: an old Volkswagen window crank

  • more information here

"The Music Animation Machine: a GPS for Music"

Talk & Performance Etienne Abelin at TEDx

Concertgebouw Amsterdam, November 2013

Music Animation Machine Performance of J.S. Bach 3rd movement of A-major Sonata for Violin and Piano

Etienne Abelin, Vl, Dorothy Yeung, Pno, Stephen Malinowski, Synchronator at TEDxZurich 2012

Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra & Superar Suisse

Quick Facts:

  • Superar Suisse brings the basic principles of the world's most successful music-social initiative, El Sistema Venezuela, to Switzerland.

  • Winner of the Mercator Hub Education Fellowship 2011, Superar Suisse is currently active in three schools with in- and after-school programs, both vocal and instrumental.

  • Supported by: Hilti Foundation, Avina Foundation, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Roches-Utiger Stiftung, Paul Schiller Stiftung, Mercator Stiftung a.o.

  • Sistema Europe is the European umbrella organization coordinating European Sistema-inspired initiatives

  • I founded Superar Suisse, am member of the coordination committee of Sistema Europe and co-founder and artistic co-director of the Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra SEYO.

  • Facebook page Superar Suisse

1st Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra

Hosted by Superar Suisse

Artistic Co-Direction: Etienne Abelin, Bruno Campo

Vienna/Salzburg/Grafenegg, August 2013

1st Sistema Europe Youth Orchestra

Manuel Artes: Chamambo

Etienne Abelin, conductor

Performing for the members of the European Union Youth Orchestra EUYO

Grafenegg, August 2013

classYcal network & Ynight

Quick Facts:

  • classYcal is an emerging inter-disciplinary network dedicated to innovations in the field of classical music

  • first developed format is the Ynight - Classical in Club

    • "Best of 2013" Züritipp

    • "Exactly what was missing in the Swiss concert landscape" Tagesanzeiger Zürich

    • classical and indie classical music in short live sets, surrounded by relaxed DJ sets and accompanied by visuals. All set in a casual setting with bar service.

    • Artists include: Andreas Scholl, Vilde Frang, David Orlowsky, Julien Quentin, Gilles Apap, Gabriel Prokofiev and the Ynight's own Yband a.o.

    • Locations: Zurich, Bern, Basel, Laufen

  • more information here

  • Facebook page classYcal, Facebook page Ynight

Ynight - Classical in Club, "The First"

feat. Björk visualizer Stephen Malinowski and the Music Animation Machine

Artistic Co-Director and Producer: Etienne Abelin

Zurich, October 2012

Ynight - Classical in Club, "Dark Soul"

feat. Andreas Scholl, Tamar Halperin, Rafael Rosenfeld

Artistic Co-Director and Producer: Etienne Abelin

Zurich, April 2013




  • Music by J.S. Bach plus electronic soundscapes and grooves

  • With: Etienne Abelin, Violin; Tamar Halperin, Piano; Tomek Kolczynski, Electronics; Amadis Brugnoni, Sound Design

  • More Information here

  • Facebook page bachSpace

((superar)) suisse


More in-depth Information

Music Animation Machine Live

For talks, workshops, seminars, performances and Music Animation Machine Live, please write to:


For Music Animation Machine screenings, installations etc., please write to:

Superar Suisse, ((superar)) suisse

Superar Suisse

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Various Projects

Etienne Abelin